Starlight progress…


So what changed?

Elena and Blake’s armour. It used to be much darker but as I finished Starlight I realised that in the story the armour is slightly different and the wonderful Joemel made the changes for me.

So I know that all of you are desperate for an answer to  when  Starlight will be  released. It now depend on my editors. I have two parts back waiting on three parts more and then it will be a big final edit and book will be released.

So with that said, the novel might only come in April. I hope it wont be the case. I PRAY IT WONT BE THE CASE.

There is still many beautiful dragon eggs up for grabs. Below is a pic. We are going to raffle the Snow dragon egg soon.

If you want to participate the easiest is to like the Dragonian facebook page. The raffle will take place on the facebook page. They are gorgeous and only 11 Moonbreeze eggs are available, so it is one of a kind.

For reading chapters from Starlight join my newsletter. I am posting chapter for chapter on there regularly. The link to join is on the website.

Other news. I will be signing novels this year at Utopia con in Nashville. It is taking place from the 23rd to the 26th of June this year. I will have all my novels and all sorts of trinkets for you to grab.

For more information their website is Hope I will be seeing you all there.

Hope you all are going to have a wonderful valentines.



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